Extra Wide Load to Slow Traffic in Rio Blanco County and Into Utah

An extra oversized load is slowing traffic along its route and will be traveling through Rio Blanco County on Monday and Tuesday. According to the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, the object being transported is a nuclear steam generator and its transported size is estimated to be 23 feet wide and 400 feet long. “The planned route will bring it south on Highway 13 from Baggs, Wyoming through Meeker, turning west on Highway 64 and traveling through Rangely and into Dinosaur before going back out onto U.S. 40 into Utah. As its top speed is 35mph, it should take some time for this process to be completed and the timeframe is subject to change.” Originally, the load was scheduled to travel through Rio Blanco County on Sunday and Monday but was delayed until Monday and Tuesday. This information will be updated once the schedule and route for Highway 40 in Utah is known. 


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