Uintah High School Student and Athlete of the Week

The Uintah High School Student of the Week is Aysha Slaugh, nominated by Mr. Wilson. “Aysha is a very hardworking dedicated student,” shares Mr. Wilson. “She is very helpful in class and does top notch work. She puts forth her best effort and is willing to help others with a smile. She is always happy and excited for class. She is also involved in our school. She is an active FFA member and on our volleyball team. I appreciate what she adds to our school.” Congratulations Aysha Slaugh, Uintah Student of the Week! The Ute Athlete of the Week is football player Jhase Elagamy, nominated by Coach Petersen. “Jhase has been a hard working athlete [since] the day he arrived to Uintah High School,” shares Coach Petersen. “He works hard in practice and plays hard in the game. He is a quiet leader who shows by example  how to work hard in every drill or each play from scrimmage. He competes with the desire to win each play that is run. Jhase helps the other players get better by just doing the little things that will help a team get better. We are glad to have him be part of Uintah High Athletics.” Congratulations Jhase Elagamy, Ute Athlete of the Week!


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