Over 20 Dogs Recovered from Unoccupied Roosevelt Home and Property

The Roosevelt Animal Shelter had an influx of dogs recently after an unoccupied home was discovered to have over 20 unattended dogs in the home and surrounding property. “Neighbors reported that a vacant home at 488 East 650 North appeared to have several dogs unattended inside,” shares Roosevelt Police Chief Rick Harrison. “Officers investigated and found several dogs had gotten out of the house and were loose on the property. One dog was found deceased in the yard. A large number of dogs appeared to be inside the home. Roosevelt Police attempted to contact the former residents, but were unable to do so.” Police obtained a search warrant for the home on October 14th and found 19 unattended dogs alive in the home. There were also two deceased dogs and another 4 or 5 dogs caught outside the home. Roosevelt Animal Control and Roosevelt Animal Shelter personnel were called to take the dogs and all were placed in the shelter, explains Chief Harrison. Notice was served on the homeowner to claim the dogs but as of November 4th no claim had been made. The dogs will be available for adoption. When asked what condition the dogs were in Chief Harrison said the dogs are all small, light colored dogs. They were generally healthy but unkempt and no puppies were found. 


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