2019 Election Preliminary Results for Roosevelt City Council

The preliminary results for the 2019 election are in. The Roosevelt City Council preliminary results show that there were 860 total ballots counted with Don Busenbark receiving 484 votes, Cody Aland receiving 445 votes, Vince Reiley receiving 393 votes, Aaron Weight receiving 377 votes, Rebecca Pittman receiving 367 votes, and Joe Burdick receiving 311 votes. “Please note that these numbers will not be finalized until the canvas at Roosevelt City Council meeting on Tuesday, November 19th,” explains Roosevelt Deputy Recorder LeeNichole Marett. “Some mail-in ballots will likely continue to arrive over the next few days, and some numbers may change slightly. Final results will be released after the canvas, but we do expect that the final numbers will match this preliminary count relatively closely.”


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