Uintah Fire District Awarded Grant From CIB

In a press release issued Friday, the Uintah Fire District announced that they have received a grant that will enable the district to get three new fire trucks. The Fire District presented the project to the Community Impact Board last week in hopes of replacing outdated fire trucks throughout Uintah County. CIB Board Member Dean Baker made a motion to approve the project with 100 percent grant and Senator Ron Winterton seconded the motion. The motion passed with all but one of the board members voting in favor of the $1,460,000 dollar grant. The Uintah Fire District states: “We are very pleased with this grant award. To accept a loan at this time would have been very difficult for the Fire District to handle. This money will help replace outdated equipment at the following stations. The Vernal City/Uintah County Fire Department Pumper truck will consist of 1,000-gallon water tank with seating for 6 Firefighters. This custom engine will have all the necessary hoses, nozzles, ladders, fire pump and equipment to respond to a structure/wildland fire. The Lapoint/Tridell Fire Department and Jensen Fire Department will each receive a 3,500-gallon water tender. These tenders will help supply water to rural areas of the county where water is limited. They will also have a fire pump and equipment to assist on structure, wildland, and oil/gas fires.” The Uintah Fire District expressed their appreciation for all who helped with the project so far. 


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