Uintah County Heritage Museum Featuring “Legends on a Wing” Art

The Uintah County Heritage Museum often finds beautiful and unique art to feature in its museum and their recent selection is sure to impress. Entitled “Legends on a Wing”, the exhibit features art from J.B. Sullivan, a Colorado native with an eye and a heart for the outdoors. His preferred medium is charcoal, graphite, and colored pencil and his subject of choice is wildlife. He literally spends hours detailing the features and tones of the animals that he studies. “A prime goal of my art is to convey unforgettable stories of wildlife and animals of all kinds,” shares Sullivan. “I honor each species through careful rendering of its unique characteristics and habitat. My drawings are based on adventures into the wilderness ranging all over Colorado and beyond...When my drawings bring smiles to peoples' faces, I feel a special joy in making art stories that are appreciated.”  Each piece he has done features stories and anecdotes to add to the educational value and enjoyment of his award winning art. He is featured in multiple exhibits and galleries throughout Colorado. His work will be on display at the Uintah Heritage Museum through November 20th so be sure to stop by. 


Museum Exhibit Curator

There will be an Art Reception associated with this show on Oct. 17 5-7pm J. Sullivan will also be drawing in residence from 1pm until the reception. Come in a meet the artist!

person LeeAnn Denzer

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