UHP Safety Reminders

Local troopers hope their efforts are making a difference but there is always room for the community to improve when it comes to safe practices. According to local Highway Patrol Sgt. Kellie Oaks, troopers have emphasized seatbelt enforcement through the Click It or Ticket campaign and are hopeful that residents are wearing seatbelts more regularly. This unfortunately may not apply as well to the younger generation. “We see a lot of teens not wearing seatbelts,” shares Sgt. Oaks. “It is just so careless and we hope parents will take the time to talk to their young drivers about wearing seatbelts and the importance of that. Seatbelts save lives.” Another area of major concern is the use of electronic devices while driving. “We see people texting and manipulating electronic devices all the time while they drive,” says Sgt. Oaks. “We don’t always know what they are doing but we encourage everyone to just focus on driving. Please worry about finding Pokemon once you’ve put your car in park.”


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