Child's Play Time

A woman I know struggled with a disobedient and difficult child. Often times her daughter threw screaming temper tantrums, talked back and wouldn’t follow simple commands. Frustrated, she was listening to our marriage and family radio program and applied some simple “play time” techniques taught. Over time, this made a difference in the loving connection between mom and daughter. Hi this is Sheree Meyer with A Family Moment. Play is the language of children. USU’s Dr. David Law encourages parents to implement three simple steps during “play time”. First: set aside 20 minutes each day dedicated to each child. Second: let your child take the lead. This is their time to play and be in charge. It’s not a time for mom or dad to teach. Finally, join in as an enthusiastic play mate. Don’t ask questions! Relax, smile, laugh and have fun! You’ll build a lasting bond with your child and soon the tantrums will stop and discipline will become easier. Strengthen your family one moment at a time, beginning today.

Sep 25, 2016