Date Night

Therapists often prescribe a weekly date night for troubled couples. It’s a time to build romance and friendship. The directions on this prescription must be followed precisely. First, formally ask your sweetheart on a date. Be creative, affectionate and take turns. A loving note taped to the fridge, a spontaneous phone call during the workday or a steamy text. Second, be consistent. Make this a weekly priority scheduled in ink not pencil. Third therapy must be applied alone together. No children, no friends, no family and no phone. Warning: failure to follow directions could lead to emotional distance, lost perspective, and the waning of the romance in your relationship. “Hi, this is Sheree Meyer with a family moment. A weekly date will build the romance in your marriage and take you back to when you first fell in love. Talking, laughing, sharing, and enjoying one another’s company builds trust and affection. Begin your prescription immediately! As you follow these directions correctly you will strengthen your marriage and family one moment at a time.

Dec 21, 2016