Love is a Verb

Stephen R. Covey said, “Love is a verb.” Now we all learned in grade school that a verb describes an action. What do you say we follow Mr. Covey’s advice and put a little action into our marriage. Like a flower plant, a marriage requires constant nourishment and care. If you neglect it, it will wilt. The good news is, if caught early, a little love and water will quickly bring it back to life. We humans often take our marriages for granted. We fail to show and express to one another how much we love them. It’s the little things that make all the difference. Remember, love is a verb. Don’t put off until tomorrow our most important work, nurture your marriage today. “This is Sheree Meyer with a family moment. Put a little action into your relationship. As you do, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your relationship will improve. It will require a little effort, but the rewards of a healthy marriage will last a lifetime. Strengthen your marriage one moment at a time beginning today.”

Dec 21, 2016