DWR Reminds People to Leave Nest with Eggs or Baby Birds Alone

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources reminds the public to leave nests alone in certain conditions. Recently, DWR had to intervene when a person covered a nest with a net separating the babies from the parents. DWR Sergeant Sean Spencer states that “people are welcome to prevent birds from nesting on or in their homes, but you have to do it before nesting season begins. If you have a bird that is nesting and there are eggs or baby birds in the nest, you need to wait until after the baby birds have left the nest in order to remove it and to prevent future nesting. It isn't a long time frame, so just be patient." Citations will be given to those that bother baby birds and eggs. If you come across babies with feathers leave them alone. They are close to flying and will be okay. If the bird has no feathers place it back in the nest and leave it alone.