Pet Regulation Clarified

Whether you are a dog lover, cat loyalist or combination of both, Vernal City Ordinance is clear that a residence is allowed no more than 4 total of dogs and/or cats. The Ordinance was revisited for clarification, however, during Wednesday’s City Council meeting as the interpretation of the Ordinance was recently cause for debate for a pet owner in the City who felt exempt because of the residence’s zone. The rewording now clarifies that dogs and/or cats are limited to a total of 4 in a residence, regardless of zone.


Kristin Baldwin

Kristin never planned to work in news radio but has thoroughly enjoyed being part of the news team at KVEL. Her love of literature and writing developed in high school which led her to study English Literature and Technical Writing at BYU. She received her BA in English from BYU in 2005 and studied at UVU in Orem for 2 semesters to become a Certified Technical Writer in 2006. Two months after completion she began her dream job of being a stay-at-home mom.  As mother of 2 energetic kids, she began writing from home for the KVEL news team in 2011 and considers it the perfect fit as a full time mom and part time writer.