Paleontologist Rebecca Hunt-Foster Lecturing on Ornithomimids

The Utah Field House of Natural History is holding a lecture that will appeal to those who love dinosaurs. The lecture will focus on how Ornithomimids were a vital component of the dinosaur community in Utah. These dinosaurs had some very unique features, like toothless beaks and long arms, that make them difficult to classify. If anyone is qualified to give us the inside scoop on these dinosaurs it is paleontologist Rebecca Hunt-Foster. She is the current paleontologist for the National Park Service at Dinosaur National Park. Before her current job she was the district paleontologist for the Bureau of Land Management. She has been part of the dinosaur community in western Colorado and eastern Utah since 2007. The lecture will be on Thursday, June 20th, starting at 7pm at the Utah Field House of Natural History.


Kristin Baldwin

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