National Congress of American Indians Honors Ute Tribal Member Irene Cuch

A member of the Ute Indian Tribe has been recognized for her past dedication and support of Tribal Rights. On October 22nd, the National Congress of American Indians honored Irene Cuch during the organization’s 75th anniversary annual conference in Denver. Following the recognition, Irene was presented with a Pendleton blanket from the Ute Indian Tribe’s General Counsel. “Irene has long been an active Tribal leader within her own Tribe and in national Indian affairs,” shares Tuesday’s press release. “In her former capacity as an elected Tribal leader, Irene has testified numerous times before Congress on Indian energy development on Tribal lands and has represented the Ute Indian Tribe before numerous federal agencies in issues of paramount importance to NCAI member Tribes. Irene was centrally involved and continues to be an advocate and staunch supporter of the rights of native women and has worked extensively to secure monumental federal legislation to protect native women rights and restore inherent Tribal criminal jurisdiction over non-Indians who commit crimes against native women in Indian Country.” Among her years of experience, Irene served as an appointed representative of President Nixon to the Nation Council of Indian Opportunity. She was also a long-standing member of the Ladies’ Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of which she was the first Native American to serve as the State President for Utah from 2006 to 2007. “Irene has given her time, wisdom, and dedication in immeasurable ways to members of her Tribe and has worked tirelessly during her life to improve the lives of Native Americans throughout the United States,” shares the press release. “She is an inspiration to all for her fearless leadership and dedication to the advancement of Tribal sovereignty and protection of Tribal lands and resources.”


Kristin Baldwin

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