Huge Crowds Close out Charlie Brown; Call to Support Local Family in Need

Lines ran out the door of the historic Vernal Theatre for the closing weekend of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown and the cast’s final performances didn’t disappoint. Each character hammed up their part which, in Lucy’s case, meant a monstrous dose of crabbiness that put your average child’s temper tantrum to shame. Following Saturday’s performance, Claire “Lucy” Owens said the production’s huge closing weekend shows that people are hearing about the theatre and are eager to come. “People are realizing that this can be another thing to do in the Basin,” shares Claire. “A lot of people had no idea what was going on down here and now that they know, they are excited to have another option.” Season ticket information can be found on The show’s closing weekend was also used to collect donations for a local family in need. The Wells family are supporters of local arts with mother Rachel most recently playing the role of Guinevere in this year’s Outlaw Trail production of Camelot. Two of the Wells children were recently diagnosed with Wilson’s disease, a rare inherited disorder that causes copper to accumulate in the liver, brain, and other organs. The condition was discovered when 11-year-old Brighton went into liver and kidney failure and had to have an emergency liver transplant. While on his road to recovery, his 6-year-old sister Taylee was also diagnosed and the family has had to temporarily relocate to the Wasatch front for treatment at Primary Children’s Hospital. Aside from involvement in the arts, the family is well known because Daniel Wells is an elementary school teacher at Maeser Elementary. The community is urged to rally around this family and donate whatever you can, even if it is just one penny, says Vernal Theatre director Nashelle Jackson. Visit to learn more about this fundraising effort.


Kristin Baldwin

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