Electrofishing on Currant Creek Reservoir

It’s the time of year for electrofishing, at least for the Division of Wildlife Resources. Biologists will be surveying Currant Creek Reservoir and the streams that feed into it in the coming days. The electrofishing equipment shocks the fish with a mild electric current, allowing biologists to scoop the fish out of the water to collect and record data. It has been about 5 years since the last survey of Currant Creek Reservoir and the new data collected will be compared to the old data to identify changes in the fish populations. The fish are returned to the water unharmed. Biologists also use electrofishing to keep fish populations thriving by temporarily stunning fish in order to collect their eggs and milt which are then taken to hatcheries for fertilization.  The process is what keeps fisheries able to restock fishing holes throughout Utah.


Kristin Baldwin

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