Conceal Carry Teacher Training Receives Donation from Safari Club Banquet

The Safari Club International Northeastern Utah Chapter held their annual banquet fundraiser on April 7th and a Uintah County Sheriff’s Office cause was among the beneficiaries of the night. Following the February shooting at a Florida high school, Sheriff Vance Norton began developing a plan to provide concealed weapon classes for all the teachers and staff at local schools including extensive training for those wanting to become more proficient with the use of their firearm. Significant support for Sheriff Norton’s  plan was shown at the Safari Club Banquet. Ronald Ufford donated $2,100 dollars as well as a Christensen Arms 28 Nosler firearm with a night force scope and custom rings and bases that sold for $7,000 dollars toward the Sheriff’s plan. The support of the Safari Club does not stop there. “Whatever the cost is, we will provide the funding to train the teachers in the Basin,” shares the Safari Club Northeastern Utah Chapter. “We try to identify any complications in the community to help with and support common sense solutions. This year we hope to help address school safety and ensure that those who conceal carry in schools get the proper training. We ask that they be trained every year and refreshed on those skills and we are willing to fund that every year.” Sheriff Norton says he plans to have a bi-annual qualification for those that want to participate in the program. The course method will include scenario based training with the use of simmunition guns. Sheriff Norton has also explained that the classes will include instruction on weapon retention, weapon concealment, weapon and holster selection, laws on the use of force, and how one might respond physically and mentally in a critical situation. The Sheriff’s Office is very grateful for the support of the Safari Club and its donors.


Kristin Baldwin

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