Uintah County/Team Mobile Agreement

During Monday’s meeting, the Uintah County Commission approved an agreement with T-Mobile for a lease of property at Western Park.  T-Mobile will pay $700 dollars a month to Uintah County to have access to a cell tower owned by Strata Networks. Strata Networks also maintains an agreement with Uintah County to access the property for their tower. The amount the County is charging T-Mobile is high compared to similar leasing agreements on local BLM land which averages around $200 dollars per month per unit. The $700 dollars per month T-Mobile will pay to Uintah County is separate from their agreement with Strata Networks to use the actual cell tower.


Steve Evans

Steve’s Broadcast Career began in 1985. He has experience working in markets such as Salt Lake City, Springfield Mo, Albuquerque N.M., Wichita Ks, and Saint George, Utah. Since 1994 Steve has raised a family and lived in Vernal and is proud to call North Eastern Utah home. A Regan Republican since 1980, Steve is a champion of conservative values both social and political. Holding firm to these values in business has been a philosophy that has served KVEL, and the communities it serves, well. He writes human interest stories about local community members  on "Round the Town."