Officer Appreciation Expanding

Appreciation and gestures extended to local law enforcement throughout the Basin is expanding in some cases to include all professionals in the community that work to keep the peace. One great example of this is Dickies BBQ in Vernal where a free rib plate is offered to police officers, firefighters, judges, probation officers, Commissioners, Mayors and anybody that is tied to “keeping the peace.” These types of gestures of appreciation have meant a lot to local officers throughout the area. “It’s been overwhelming to know how much people in this community appreciate us,” shares Vernal City Assistant Police Chief Keith Campbell. “People are finding ways to say thank you everywhere. There is a lot of talk going around among law enforcement Basin wide. Everyone is talking about it and everyone truly appreciates that they are appreciated.”


Steve Evans

Steve’s Broadcast Career began in 1985. He has experience working in markets such as Salt Lake City, Springfield Mo, Albuquerque N.M., Wichita Ks, and Saint George, Utah. Since 1994 Steve has raised a family and lived in Vernal and is proud to call North Eastern Utah home. A Regan Republican since 1980, Steve is a champion of conservative values both social and political. Holding firm to these values in business has been a philosophy that has served KVEL, and the communities it serves, well. He writes human interest stories about local community members  on "Round the Town."