DWR On Preparing For Safe And Successful Archery Hunt

The first big game hunts of Utah’s fall season, the general-season buck deer archery hunt and the general spike and any-bull elk archery hunts, begin August 20th. Archery hunting presents some unique risks that hunters should be aware of. “Every year, we receive reports of hunters getting injured falling from trees or jabbing themselves or other hunters while carrying arrows in their hands,” shares DWR Hunter Education Program Manager RaLynne Takeda. Check the weight rating before placing a portable tree stand in a tree and make sure it will support both your weight and the weight of your equipment. “Hunters sometimes forget to factor in the weight of their equipment,” says Takeda. “If the combined weight of your body and the equipment is greater than the weight the stand can support, it could easily collapse, sending you and your gear to the ground below.” Another risk is falling. “Before you start climbing, attach a safety harness (also called a fall arrest system) to yourself and the tree,” shares Takeda. “Keep it attached until you’re on the ground again.” Download a copy of the 2022 Utah Big Game Field Regulations Guidebook at www.wildlife.utah.gov.


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