Duchesne County Burn Scars In Danger Of Flooding

With rain in the forecast for areas throughout Utah, National Weather Service issued a Flood Watch throughout central Utah on Monday, including northern and southern Duchesne County. The flood risk is tied to specific conditions. According to the announcement, heavy rain could produce flash flooding or debris flows from new burn scars within the last 3 to 5 years. The East Fork Fire burn scar and Dollar Ridge Fire burn scar are among those at risk. Those that live below a burn scar area should be vigilant in paying attention to the weather and conditions. Though there has been reseeding programs to help the burn areas, those efforts take time to take effect. Even with those efforts, residents need to be alert for at least three to five years after the initial fire. It takes as little as a half inch of rain over a 30-minute time frame to bring down a hillside so stay aware and alert.


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