Support Pop Up Bakery Of Ukrainian Refugees Staying In Vernal

After making it through the unimaginable, refugees of war face hurdle after hurdle as they seek to rebuild their life in a foreign place with often only the clothes on their backs. An opportunity to help soften the blow of Ukrainian refugees can be a piece of cake this Saturday at Market On Main in Vernal. Iryna, Misha and Ihor are refugees from Mariupol, Ukraine who “survived 38 straight days of bombing by staying in a little room underneath their bombed apartment building,” shares Market On Main. “Their beautiful city was completely destroyed. The soldiers put them in a filtration camp. When they were released they had to take a bus all the way across Russia and into Estonia to escape the war.” Iryna, Misha, and Ihor are now staying in Vernal with a sponsor family and hoping to start a new life here. Iryna worked as a baker in Ukraine and is making her honey cream cake that will be for sale this Saturday from 11 to 2 at a pop up booth at Market On Main, 14 West Main Street in Vernal. Please come support this family that has been through so much!


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