Tabiona Teen Competing At National Junior High Rodeo Competition

A Tabiona teen is doing what she does best this week, just a lot farther from home than usual. 14-year-old Denim Wilson is competing at the 2022 National Junior High School Finals Rodeo this week in Georgia. “I live and breathe horses,” shared Denim. “I started competing in barrels and poles at 4 years old. I had an old well trained horse and pretty much had to just hang on and ride.” Denim’s goal this year in Junior High Rodeo was to make it to Nationals and here she is, representing Utah at Nationals. “I loaded my two best horses, FireFly and Cadillac, and am off to Georgia for 15 days,” shared Denim. “Thanks to my parents, Dave and Tracina Wilson, for always pushing to be the best I can be, and making sure I have a long line of amazing horses under me.”  As of Tuesday, Denim was in the top 20 in the first round. Congratulations Denim! We are all cheering for you!


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