Skinwalker Ranch Continues To Grow Fan Following

Thomas Winterton talked with the Vernal Chamber of Commerce last week about his involvement with Skinwalker Ranch. He shared that “the ranch was in a bad state of repair and there were issues with the road and securing the property. It's hard to do scientific studies with people driving through. At the end of the inspection Thomas was asked to stay on as the manager of the Ranch.” The six years since he has led to many changes including a parking area to view the ranch but the property has been secured with a locked gate and no one can enter for security and insurance liability reasons. The television series The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch on the History channel is now in its third season. The TV series is #1 on History Channel and the ranch is the most studied paranormal site in the world. The buzz from the show has led to an uptick in visitors at the ranch gates and global interest that has helped PhenomeCon to quickly grow.


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