Duchesne County Judge Declares Mistrial In Case Of Duchesne County Nurse Accused of Negligent Homicide

The judge called a mistrial on Thursday in the case of the Duchesne County Jail nurse, Jana Clyde, charged with negligent homicide in the 2016 death of 21-year-old inmate Madison Jensen. The jury trial began on June 8th in 8th District Court in Duchesne. The case was turned over to the jury on June 15th and less than 24 hours later the jury announced they were in a deadlock and the judge called the mistrial. After court on Thursday, Madison Jensen’s father, Jared Jensen, shared that they will move forward to pursue another trial date. The prosecution’s attorney actually had a death in the family the day before the jury trial started and had to leave. Thankfully, help came from the Attorney General’s Office but Jensen is eager for another trial with the prosecutor that has been working on this case for nearly 6 years. Jensen said that their hope is that if they win the case, it will save lives in jails across the country and nurses will not have immunity if they do not live up to their hippocratic oath. 


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