Uintah County Commission Provides Charts Of Debt Reductions Since 2014

The Uintah County Commission followed up during Monday’s Commission meeting on an action item from last week’s Commission meeting. On June 6th, the Commissioners unanimously approved a budget amendment to use restricted and non-restricted cash to pay off General Obligation Bonds thereby reducing the Uintah County portion of the 2022 property taxes from $11.4 million to $7.2 million dollars. During the June 13th Commission meeting, information was handed out charting the debt reduction over the last 8 years. One chart showed that Uintah County Property Taxes have consistently declined since 2014 when over $16.6 million dollars were collected. The chart notes that the decrease from 2021 to 2022 is a result of the permanent elimination of the $2.4 million dollar GO Bond payment and robust Sales Tax collections. Two additional charts provide breakdowns of the Uintah County cash balances by year since 2015 and a final chart shows the reduction of Uintah County bonded debt each year since 2015. 


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