Red Fleet State Park To Remain Open Into June Ahead Of Expansion Project

While the major expansion and remodel project is still on track for Red Fleet State Park, there is still time to enjoy the reservoir before construction begins. Park Manager Amanda White shares that the park is open with reservations available for camping up to June 15th. Of course visitors should keep in mind that the water is cold but day use is open so take safety precautions for whatever you plan to enjoy on the water. Construction on the park expansion project is anticipated to begin at the end of June. If for some reason it is delayed it’s likely they will extend reservations so visitors can enjoy Red Fleet for as long as possible. So what all is included in the expansion project? White shares that the project will move the entrance station up towards Highway 191 to reduce congestion in the campground. Campsites will be redone. There will be new day use parking, new restrooms, and showers. For those hoping to still enjoy Red Fleet once the main entrance is closed, other access points are available, including improved access points at the north beach and south beach. The dinosaur trackway trail will also remain open through construction and there’s a lot of dirt roads that lead to different points of Red Fleet that are not maintained so it’s important to have the right vehicle to handle it. Watch for updates on the Red Fleet State Park Facebook page.


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