7 County Infrastructure Coalition Announces New Director

Following the retirement of Mike McKee as their Executive Director, the 7 County Infrastructure Coalition got to work searching for the right replacement and now have announced who will lead the Coalition next. Keith Heaton, the former chairman of the Community Impact Board, is the Coalition’s new Executive Director. Duchesne County Commissioner Greg Miles participated in the hiring process and shares that they interviewed four exceptional candidates. “We are excited to offer Keith Heaton the job because of his experience in Community Development,” says Commissioner Miles. “His entire career has been devoted to helping the public, especially in community development.” Heaton is a household name when it comes to the CIB and has been a part of many projects in the Uintah Basin and all are excited to have him leading the Coalition. Commissioner Miles also expressed his gratitude to Mike McKee who he says ate, drank and slept Coalition business and all he has done is appreciated. 


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