Rep. Moore Announces Legislation To Strengthen Supply Chain Security

Representative Blake Moore announced legislation last week that is hoped to strengthen supply chain security. “I have been encouraged by Congress’s consistent efforts to strengthen our microchips industrial base, as they are increasingly critical to our everyday technology,” said Rep. Blake Moore. “However, they are only part of an extensive microelectronics infrastructure. As we work to reshore our manufacturing, strengthen our supply chains, and prioritize national security, we are confronted by the immediate need to rebuild and bolster our entire microelectronics ecosystem. The Supporting American Printed Circuit Boards Act will help usher in a new era of American manufacturing,” explains Moore. “This bill will not only maintain the integrity of military and national security commercial materials, but it will also fuel the resurgence of American manufacturing through incentivizing the purchase and production of domestically-sourced printed circuit boards.” This bipartisan effort aims to keep supply chains and electronic systems secure.


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