DWR Update: Possible “Wolf-Hybrid” Actually Pet German Shepherd Hit By Car

The Division of Wildlife Resources has an update on an animal originally believed to be a wolf by the man who found the animal but that wildlife officers believed was more likely a dog or wolf-hybrid. The DWR reported the following on Friday: The animal is actually a pet German shepherd dog that was hit and killed by a vehicle. DWR biologists received a report of the animal on January 5th and located it on the side of Highway 40 near the Gateway Sinclair gas station on the west side of Duchesne. The animal was roughly 4 feet long, while most wolves are typically 5 to 6 feet long. The animal was black with some tan coloring on the toes and legs, while black wolves typically have some gray and white coloring, but not tan. The DWR collected the carcass and took measurements and samples for genetic testing. However, during further investigation, DWR conservation officers learned that a Duchesne resident with a black German shepherd witnessed his dog get hit by a vehicle in front of the gas station. The dog unfortunately died in the collision and was later reported as a possible wolf when its body was discovered along the roadside. Because of the dog's large size, its elderly owner was unable to remove it.


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