Students Supporting Massive Shoe Drive As Part Of Kindness Challenge

If you have shoes collecting dust that you can part with, Uintah Middle School would welcome a donation to their shoe drive as part of the national ‘15 Days of Kindness’ challenge. Students were motivated by Brian Williams, the founder of the ‘Think Kindness’ non-profit, who put on a high-energy assembly that encouraged the students to do acts of kindness every day. “Our goal is to bring all the youth within the area together for one massive kindness initiative, so large in scale, that it truly impacts the lives of individuals not only within the community, but around the globe,” says Williams, who founded Think Kindness in 2009. The organization focuses on spreading kindness throughout both the local and global community by inspiring measurable acts of kindness. “A massive pile of shoes is an inspirational visual that proves that one simple act of kindness, when done in solidarity with others, can truly add up to something massive,” says Williams. “We hope to re-purpose gently used shoes and find them a new home on the feet of someone in need. To those, it’s not just a pair of shoes, but the gift of hope for a brighter future.” The students have a goal of collecting 8,000 pairs of gently used shoes to donate to families in need in Tanzania, Africa. If you have donations, first try to give them to a UMS student or drop them off at Uintah Middle School. 


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