Uintah And Duchesne County In High Level Of COVID-19 Transmission Index

As of Thursday, January 13th, TriCounty Health Department reported 9,914 total COVID-19 cases in the tri-county area to date. As of that report, there had been zero new COVID-19 related deaths in the previous 7 days and 11 new COVID-19 related hospitalizations. According to Thursday’s data, cases jumped from 354 to 760 in just one week. The COVID-19 Transmission Index reports that Uintah County has joined Duchesne County at the High Transmission Index Level while Daggett County remains at the Low Level. Uintah County’s 7-day average percent positivity was 15 percent with 233 cases, Duchesne County was 16 percent with 165 cases, and Daggett County was 29 percent with 8 cases.


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