Duchesne County Explores Updating Beer And Liquor Ordinance

Duchesne County is considering changes to the Beer and Liquor Ordinance. The topic was brought up after the county received a complaint from a member of the public after they were unable to buy beer on a morning they were headed out fishing. Why? Because it was earlier than 10:00am which was against the Ordinance. During the January 3rd Commission meeting, Duchesne County Deputy Attorney Tyler Allred explained that the Beer and Liquor Ordinance was passed 38 years ago and has only been amended once since. The Ordinance does not allow the public to buy alcohol products from 1:00am to 10:00am. Sheriff Travis Tucker spoke up in the meeting and said that he thinks it is time to have the Ordinance changed. The Commissioners agreed to bring the subject up at the County Council meeting to get input from the City Mayors. 


Making Headway

It’s about time this ordinance is changed. In Roosevelt you can’t buy beer before 10:00am drive a few miles to Ballard and you can buy it at 7:00am. Time to catch up with the times.

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