Disabled Outdoorsmen Utah Invites ALL To Ice Fishing Event This Saturday

Obstacles have a way of keeping us from hobbies and activities done just for fun but if the obstacle is a physical impairment or disability there is an organization ready to get you back outdoors enjoying life. This weekend specifically that would mean attending a free ice fishing event on Steinaker Reservoir! If that doesn’t sound like your kind of fun or something possible for you, Disabled Outdoorsman Utah urges you to reconsider. Their organization has the connections and equipment to give those with physical disabilities the ability to enjoy the outdoors through hunting, fishing, and adventuring in ways that were previously not possible. Disabled Outdoorsman Utah representative Sidney Smith is himself a double amputee who loves adventuring in the great outdoors. This Saturday’s event runs from 8am to noon at Steinaker State Park and Sidney has great volunteers lined up to help make this a positive experience for those with disabilities. “If you know someone who has an impairment who might like something like this, even if they don’t have equipment, we would love to take them out,” shares Smith. To learn more about Disabled Outdoorsman Utah and the 3rd Annual Disabled Outdoorsmen Utah Ice Fishing Event, visit www.DoUtah.org. You can RSVP to DoUtahTS@gmail.com. If interested in volunteering or making a donation to this cause, call Sid at 435-622-6511. Come enjoy and bring cash to win great prizes. 


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