Radon Could Be In Your Home, It Can Cause Cancer, It Can Be Remediated

These aren’t scare tactics. It is a simple fact that your home could have radon gas making its way inside and yes, it can cause cancer. TriCounty Health is encouraging community members to take advantage of free radon test kits to just find out and if in fact radon is detected, there is good news. “If you have it it’s not the end of the world,” shares TriCounty Health’s David Koons. “There are proven remediation methods to make it completely safe to still live there.” Koons explains that it doesn’t matter if your home is old or new, radon can still prove to be a problem. The biggest problem is when the gas gets in the lungs it is cancer causing in two ways, first as a gas and second when it turns into a solid over time. Free test kits are available through www.UtahRadonServices.com. More information is also available through an online class to be taught by Koons on January 20th at 3pm. Get registered through www.TriCountyHealth.com


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