Volunteers Needed At Ashley Valley Food Pantry

The local food pantries are a crucial resource in the Uintah Basin and one that relies on the generosity of local individuals and businesses. Obviously making donations of food is a valuable way to contribute but it’s not the only way. Volunteers to help during operating hours also make a huge difference. The Ashley Valley Food Pantry in Vernal in particular is in need of some additional helpers. Some of the volunteers have been dedicated to helping for several decades and are getting to where they can’t put in the 80 to 100 hours a month that they have in the past. “If the pantry could get some younger volunteers to commit like every Monday or Wednesday or Friday that would really help,” shares Kathy Green in her request for help. “You don't need to put in as many hours as these wonderful people do but PLEASE think about helping just one day a week and commit to that then these two persons could feel that they could reduce their hours.” If you are interested in learning more, call 435-789-1014. 


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