Ashley National Forest Explains Process Of Creating New Forest Plan

Ashley National Forest administrators presented before the Vernal Chamber of Commerce last week, sharing the extensive process of creating a new Forest Plan. The last Forest Management Plan was created in 1989 and has been amended 24 times over the years since. The process of creating the new plan is complicated and has taken 6 years so far. The plan’s purpose is to provide guidelines for the Forest into the future. They have coordinated with over 13 agencies to get input. Engaging with all stakeholders is a very important part of creating the plan, they explained, and interest in the Ashley National Forest has grown in popularity since the pandemic has driven people to enjoy the outdoors. The comment period for the proposed plan is now open until February 17th and the public is invited to review the plan and offer their comments. There will also be public webinars on January 19th and 25th. The plan can be accessed through The final EIS and Draft Record of Decision is expected for release in the Fall.         

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