Vernal Theatre: LIVE Celebrating 200 Performances

Vernal Theatre: LIVE’s fun new show, ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’, opens this Friday with the added bonus of a pre-show! In celebration of hitting and exceeding 200 season performances, those that get there early to the January 14th opening night will be treated to song numbers from past seasons. “We are thrilled to hit 200 performances,” shares theatre owner Nashelle Jackson. “The support we've received from the community has been immense. We have loved the variety of shows we've been able to put on and the incredible people that we have met. I shouldn't be, but I am continually surprised and impressed by the people who show up. From all walks of life, willing to help with any and everything that may be needed from acting to tech to costumes to directing to set painting - people are so generous with their time and talents and are truly good. It is a real pleasure to be among them.” Get your tickets and learn more at


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