9-Year-Old Choir Member Guarantees Christmas Cheer At Naples Tree Lighting

If you haven’t caught the Christmas spirit this year there is a sure opportunity tonight. The 5th annual Naples City Tree Lighting event is happening at the Naples City Plaza and one of the children’s choir members makes a very good case for why you should be there. Tonight will be 9-year-old MaKayla Adams' first time participating in this event and she happily reports that the choir is sounding really good, even the boys with ‘I Want To Be An Elf’ solos. “It is so special that Naples City has a tree lighting,” shares MaKayla. “Especially the part where we sing ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ and he arrives!” This has become a favorite annual tradition where families from near and far attend. If you’ve fallen victim to grinchy feelings, however, MaKayla doesn’t mince words. “Come on! Cheer up and be in the mood for it,” she urges. “I promise you’ll get that warm feeling inside. Just come and us kids will share our Christmas cheer with you!” MaKayla doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to embracing Christmas cheer. She absolutely also walks the walk. This year she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and her life turned upside down. Still she chooses to see this Christmas as special and magical. In MaKayla’s words, “This is my first year getting used to this new life and Christmas has helped me and given me a warm, comfortable feeling that it will all be okay.” Follow MaKayla’s example and come embrace the magic of Christmas tonight at the Naples City Tree Lighting event at 6:30pm. 

9-year-old MaKayla Adams, a 4th grader at Naples Elementary School, is excited to spread Christmas cheer as a member of the children’s choir performing tonight at the Naples City tree lighting ceremony 


Naples City Christmas Tree Lighting

Way to go Makayla! I can not wait see you & hear you

person Mayor Dean Baker

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Naples City Christmas Tree Lighting

You have a beautiful spirit Makayla! You guys did so great tonight! You could definitely feel that Christmas spirit! I am proud of you all and am very thankful to be your music teacher!!

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