How To Avoid Holiday Scammers

“If it seems like free money, or sounds too good to be true, it is.” Those are the words of Vernal City Assistant Police Chief Keith Campbell. Unfortunately, scammers do not take time off for the holidays and in many cases they amp up their efforts as they know people are more generous and trusting this time of year. A safe approach is to always double check the validity of the cause you're considering. There’s not much limit on who or what scammers will pose as to swindle you out of your hard earned money. “Anytime someone is requesting information to further some process, make sure your reply is in person or directly to a source you have verified as the person requesting it,” shares Campbell. “For example: If a bank or Amazon are requesting information, contact them at a guaranteed phone number or e-mail address, not as a reply to the original sender.” You can report scams to the Federal Trade Commission and get more info on how to avoid being scammed at


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