Ms. United States Winner From Craig, Colorado

It is not often that one can say “I knew them when…” and have it mean that much but for those in Craig, Colorado that day has come. Brandi Babin happened to grow up in Craig and is now the newest Ms. United States.  Though she lives in Loveland now, her parents are still in Craig and she counted several Craig companies as her sponsors in helping to receive the Ms. United States crown. The Ms. United States pageant is for those 20 to 35 years of age that have been previously married and/or have given birth. Babin is a mother of four young children who have been excited for their newly crowned momma. Craig Daily Press shared that the pageant experience is somewhat new to Babin, having only been in two, one when she was ten years old and the other just last year, before her big win. This experience will help Babin in her goal of starting her own business and getting a book published. The book is something she calls a reclaim journal, a self-discovery, self-development journal guiding individuals through habit tracking and accomplishing yearly goals. 


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