Cyclist Traversing United States To End Distracted Driving Stops In Uintah Basin

A cyclist traversing the United States for a special cause is making his way through the Uintah Basin after the weather curtailed his route that would have taken him north through Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Ben Grannis from Ridgefield, Connecticut, has worked the past three years as a leader and coordinator for Overland Summers, a summer adventure camp for youth that has a strong culture of safety and unplugging from technology after a camp participant was killed by a distracted driver. When Ben moved on from working for Overland he had been thinking of doing a cross country bike ride, something his father had done back in 1977. He decided to combine the journey with a cause to spread the message of ending distracted driving and the ‘Eyes Up’ Ride became a reality. Ben says his ride from Dinosaur, Colorado, into Vernal was a great treat and a beautiful way to wrap up his ride before pausing for a day due to weather. He hopes to start his ride heading to Park City today, weather pending, and plans to take Wolf Creek Pass. His larger goal is to beeline to Seattle which will make 5,000 miles traveled before heading south to San Diego and eventually from San Diego to Florida. Follow his 10,000 mile journey on and remember to never drive distracted!


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