Local DiaBESTIES Support Group Invites Families With T1 Diabetic Kids To Join

Learning that your child has Type 1 Diabetes is of course overwhelming but one local mother is looking to receive and to give support as she embarks on their family’s journey. 9-year-old MaKayla Adams of Naples was not feeling well for several days last week and a visit to the Doctor revealed exactly why. MaKayla has Type 1 Diabetes and, while life will never be the same, her mother Stephanie decided this was a time to reach out and connect. She formed the DiaBESTIES Facebook page as a place to help get kids with Type 1 Diabetes in the Vernal area connected. Stephanie, who on a side note also happens to be a candidate for Naples City Mayor, would like to start a local support group and is working to secure a spot to meet once a month for parents and kids to come together, swap tricks and hacks, and let the kids feel connected. “I started DiaBESTIES on Facebook to build a place for people to connect,” shares Stephanie. “Diabetes can be life threatening but should not make your child feel isolated or different.” To learn more and get involved, find the DiaBESTIES Facebook page or call 801-787-3575. 


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