500 Attend Vernal PhenomeCon From All Over United States and Beyond

The verdict is in: The Vernal PhenomeCon was an absolute success and there is more to come. “We had about 500 people attend,” shares Uintah County Travel and Tourism Director Lesha Coltharp. “Everyone was amazed by the speakers, the community and Conference Center.” Attendees traveled from 24 states and there were international visitors as well that came and enjoyed speakers and special events. Travis Walton, a man whose alien abduction experience is the premise of the 1993 film ‘Fire in the Sky’, was a crowd favorite as was UFO expert and film director George Knapp. Coltharp says the team from Skinwalker Ranch was also a highlight for many and drew many to the conference. “The tour to the ranch sold out for the gate tour and many of the attendees claimed to see objects in the sky around the Basin,” shares Coltharp, who made it clear the Vernal PhenomeCon will be an annual event. 


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