Local Hospitals at Capacity in Emergency Rooms and Intensive Care Units

Uintah County issued a press release to the public on Friday urging all to consider their activities while medical care is limited. In the press release they shared the following: “Uintah Basin Medical Center and Ashley Regional Medical Hospital have reported that each are at capacity in the emergency rooms and intensive care units. Significant wait times are being experienced by those needing rapid and specialized medical care. To add further complication, it has become extremely difficult locating beds to transfer patients to referral hospitals. This is placing a critical strain on medical personnel and patients needing emergency and intensive care.” While the Uintah County press release did not mention COVID-19, TriCounty Health Department reported on Thursday that there were 849 active cases and there had been 30 new COVID-19 related hospitalizations that week. TriCounty Health Director Kirk Benge also recently urged the public to take precautions to slow the spread of COVID-19 because the current surge is taxing local hospital resources. 


you have to ask your self is this honest reporting!

First, Covid "Cases" Lost Its Meaning -- Now Covid "Hospitalizations" Is Losing Its Meaning

as stated in this video the question is how many of those so called cases and hospitalizations are for covid or just people with covid there for other emergency means because it seems to be a trend to boost the numbers even when its not the case.

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