Uintah High School Holds 9/11 Day of Remembrance

On Thursday morning, Uintah High School students gathered for an annual tradition. Every year on or near September 11th, the student body of Uintah High School gathers outside at the flag pole for a special ceremony. The school’s old flag is retired and a new flag is raised in its place. Once the flag is at full mast the student body recites the pledge of allegiance together in unison and then the flag is lowered to half mast in respect for 9/11. The entire gathering is patriotic with the school choir singing the Star Spangled Banner. It was noted online by bystanders that the students were especially quiet and respectful during the ceremony which remembers a day before these students were even born. Thanks to the Uintah High School administration and student body for setting a worthy example of remembering 9/11.


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