Naples’ ‘Lanny the Dinosaur’ Hit by Suspected DUI Driver; Suffers Major Damage

Less than a year ago, ‘Lanny the Dinosaur’ made the roadside park near the Naples City Offices his home, expecting that he would enjoy a long life of greeting travelers on Highway 40. Tragically, Lanny’s hope was cut short after being hit by a suspected DUI driver on the early morning of April 1st. His beautiful but broken triceratops self had to be hauled away and it is unclear if repairs can be performed to allow for Lanny’s return. Naples City Police Chief Andrew Cox says that a suspected DUI driver was traveling southbound when the vehicle went off the roadway and crashed into Lanny at a high rate of speed. The suspect was arrested and taken to Uintah County Jail. Naples City Mayor Dean Baker says that they are hoping Lanny’s fiberglass body can be fixed locally but they have no idea yet if that is even possible. Naples City ordered Lanny from overseas and had him in place last May. Once Lanny’s prognosis is known Naples City will let the community know. 


Poor Lanny

Oh poor Lanny to be run over by a vehicle!! Praying he can be repaired!!

person Elizabeth

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