HCR 1 ‘Release of Water from Flaming Gorge’ Encourages Balanced Approach

Representative Scott Chew is seeking a new approach to the releases of water from Flaming Gorge Reservoir. HCR 1 ‘Concurrent Resolution Encouraging a Balanced Approach to the Release of Water from Flaming Gorge’ has been recommended by the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Interim Committee as well as the Legislative Water Development Commission. The resolution “describes the Green River Stakeholders and their concerns associated with the management of the Flaming Gorge Dam; describes an alternative method of managing the Flaming Gorge Dam; describes the need for investigations and cooperative discussions related to management of the Flaming Gorge Dam; and supports the creation of a new management plan.” The stakeholders are listed as a group of local communities, recreational businesses, ranchers, farmers, landowners, and individuals who work and live within the river corridor and who are adversely affected by the current methods employed by the Western Area Power Administration, Upper Colorado River Endangered Fish Recovery Program, and ultimately the Bureau of Reclamation. HCR 1 proposes an alternative method of protecting the endangered fish species without the heavy releases that currently cause erosion of banks, sub-saturation of private land due to high water levels, and floods over the banks of the Green River. A draft of the Enrolled Bill was prepared on Monday, February 22nd. 


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